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AENC Silent Auction

The AENC Silent Auction is held on the opening night of the AENC Annual Meeting. In 2016, was able to award $10,000 in professional development scholarships for AENC members through the generosity of Silent Auction donors and bidders. 

Silent Auction Donation Form

How are the proceeds from the Silent Auction used?

Silent Auction proceeds fund the AENC member scholarship program:
  • Project Designation: This scholarship awards an individual up to $1,000 towards earning the CAE, CMP or other industry related designation.
  • Rising Star: This scholarship awards an individual who has been in the association profession five years or less up to $1,000 and can be used for any association management related professional development program.
  • Operation Annual Meeting: In order to encourage professional development, this scholarship provides one association professional with key expenses to the 2016 AENC Annual Meeting.
  • Raleigh Dingman: This scholarship awards $1,500 to be used towards tuition for the first year at the Institute for Organization Management, administered by the US Chamber of Commerce.
  • Mary K. Doherty Scholarship: This scholarship awards up to $1,000 to be used towards industry related professional development.

Who can donate?

Individuals, companies, associations, nonprofits - anyone.

What can be donated?

Popular items are hotel stays, vacation packages, tours, golf passes, art, jewelry, event tickets, memorabilia, autographed items, sports items, food/wine, books, subscriptions, memberships, dinners, spa treatments, décor items, gift cards, certificates, gift baskets, etc.

How do I make a donation?

To submit your Silent Auction Donation, you will complete a Donation Form and return to AENC, 7511 Mourning Dove Road, Suite 102, Raleigh, NC 27615, 919-848-8525 (fax) or email We'll have more information for you closer to the date of the 2017 Silent Auction.

How do I bid?

Items will be laid out on tables at the Welcome Reception and Silent Auction during the 2017 AENC annual meeting. Each item will have a bid sheet. On the bid sheet, print your full name and enter the amount you wish to bid. That amount must be in the bid increment shown on each bid sheet. Any bids below the starting bid listed, or bids that do not follow the minimum bid increments will be disqualified.

Who wins?

If your bid is the last one listed when bidding closes, you have purchased the item.

How do I pay? When do I pick up my item?

AENC accepts check or credit card payments. You will pay for and pick up your item(s) the following day.


Contact AENC Staff at 919-848-8255, or email

Thank you for your support!