AENC & Goalmakers: Organizational Leadership & Financial Fundamentals Program

AENC & Goalmakers: Organizational Leadership & Financial Fundamentals Program is an eight-week, peer cohort-based facilitated eLearning program. Learn the foundational principles & most valuable strategies of a traditional MBA curriculum, at a fraction of the cost & time. Preview the course here.

CEO:  "We need to train our team."

CFO:  "What if we train them and they leave?"

CEO:  "What if we don't and they stay?"

Provide your associations current and future leaders with the essential knowledge and tools to run efficient and effective organizations.

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What's Included?

  • Eight Weeks of Self-Paced MBA Based Curriculum: Anytime, anywhere access to 120 on-demand eLearning modules on mobile or computer.
  • Unique Interactive eLearning Elements: On-demand videos, interactive exercises, downloadable resources, audio stories, learning retention quizzes, end-of-program exams, and real-life company examples.
  • Live Industry Expert Facilitated Sessions: Bi-weekly you will have the opportunity to meet (via Zoom) the guest experts, along with a group of your peers to explore the strategies learned in the modules.
  • A Co-Learning Experience: Between the live sessions (presented via Zoom) we are a peer-to-peer network’ within our learning management system. It adds the social experience even when not in the same place or in the same webinar.
  • Guided Digital Implementation Exercises: Using the embedded forms, you are guided to create, save, and share your work in real time.
  • You will receive a blank workbook at the beginning as a guide, upon completing the program you will receive your own completed personalized implementation manual.
Business education for the future leaders of our industry!
The AENC Leadership Academy - Organizational Leadership & Financial Fundamentals program
teaches the fundamentals of business management & corporate finance. 

How it works?

The eight-week facilitated program will run from March 1 - April 26. You will gain access to two modules every two weeks. In between each of the two weeks, we will hold a live Zoom session with subject matter experts. Time commitment varies as everyone learns at their own pace, but you can expect around 20 hours total (or 2-3 hours per week) to complete the course.

CAE CE: 4 hours
CMP CE: submitted for 4 hour approval.


Kickoff Live Facilitation

Week One: Set Goals All the Time 
Craft a vision, your long-term goals three to five years from now and the North Star for your entire team. Learn what makes a ‘good goal’ and create company-wide, department-level and individual goals that align with your vision.

Week Two: Focus on the Process, Not a Plan  
Get a baseline of your company’s current status by collecting valuable information from the entire organization. Adopt an agile planning process to adapt in today’s ever-changing conditions.

Live Facilitation
Create specific action steps that will solidify the steps your team will take toward achieving these newly created organization-wide goals. We will review the baseline questionnaire as a method to determine where your organization is at today by survey all team members. In the process we will create a way to measure your employee engagement score.

Week Three: Coach the Right People 
Clearly define positions and create position descriptions for ourselves and key roles within your organization. Identify the right natural abilities and determine if your people are in the best place for success.

Week Four: Serve the Right Customer
Identify your right customers, then determine how you find more of them. Build a sales process, streamline your operations processes, and foster a culture and strategies necessary to serve the right customer.

Live Facilitation: March 29
Identify the next strategic hire or supplier you need to bring on, creating a ‘good’ goal for this role, then identify the natural abilities needed for success in this role, and finally create ‘hidden’ interview questions that will help identify if this is this person/supplier has the natural abilities you need to be successful.

Week Five: Empower Your Entire Team
Learn how managers empower their team members by establishing clear goals and allowing people to achieve those goals in their own way. Implement our empowerment system of “wide boulevards, high curbs.”

Week Six: Do the Right Things Right
Use six simple tools to measure and manage your company’s performance. Build your own System of Managing, provide clarity and purpose, steering team members to accomplish their individual and company goals.

Live Facilitation April 12
Choose 2 of these 6 tools and creating action steps to begin to implement these within your organization’s operations.

Week Seven: Demystifying the Financials
Understand how to read and use financial statements through our case study as real-world context. Learn how to use projections, inventory, accounts receivable, and cash flow to build stronger businesses.

Week Eight: Using the Financials
Focus on elements that grow (or shrink) the bottom line, starting by calculating your own financial ratios and setting realistic goals. Understand how to use cash flows and break-even analysis in everyday decisions.

Live Facilitation + Completion Celebration
Look at your own financial documents and determine how you can reduce expenses to immediately impact the bottom line. Second, calculate your contribution margin as a way to measure your breakeven analysis on daily decisions like hiring a new team member, buying new equipment, or any decision that will impact your finances. 

This session will also provide graduates with their certificate of completion. 



Pilot Cohort registration is closed. Please email Julie Keith ( [email protected]) if you are interested in being in the next cohort.